Mary and I played our first Magic tournament over the weekend–a Magic Origins prerelease hosted by Green Lake Games and using the beloved Two-Headed Giant format. Team play is terrific for less confident or socially anxious players, which nails the Nerdhole house style*. We had a great time–too great to remember to take pics, sadly.

It was, as Mary feared, pretty lopsided on the sausage end of the spectrum, but all our opponents were perfectly reasonable, charming, and friendly. Take that, stereotypes! Mary’s deck went all-in on elves with a bunch of neato-scary black and green, while I slapped together a blue and white deck that I hoped could last long enough to throw down some flying bruisers in the endgame. We…didn’t do so well. We did win one of our four games, but that wasn’t enough to score a prize. It was enough to bolster our confidence, though, and I reckon we’ll likely be playing more of these in the future. Go Team Nerdhole!

Big thanks to Friends of the Hole Brian, who organized our outing and provided much-needed moral support, and Mike, who offered cunning strategic advice. They rocked two victories–but were gracious enough not to remind us that they had basically played the same decks as us while they opened their prize boosters.

* Paul may actually be a smooth criminal on the tourney floor, for all I know. Time will tell.