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Nerd rockers Chamber Band at Raygun Lounge tonight


Chamber Band
Oh, knock it off, you guys. Cute is so 2013.

Are you ready to rock and roll initiative? Head over to Raygun Lounge tonight at 7pm for a performance by super-nerds Chamber Band. They’re supporting their new album Deities, which is full of delightful indie pop songs set in a D&D world. Titles include “Lawful Neutral,” “Shapeshifter,” and “Yeenoghu.” (They also do Hunger Games songs, but we haven’t heard ’em yet.) It should be a fun, sweet show–seriously, check out some of their songs–and Raygun has an excellent assortment of beverages for fans of all ages.

Oh, and a little nerd told us that Aaron Douglas (the Chief from Battlestar Galactica) might show up “to hear the Adama Pop that they invented in his honor.” But this sad Galacticon news makes us wonder if it could be true. There is only one way to find out, people.

Chamber Band at Raygun Lounge (501 E Pine), Friday, 7/31/15, 7pm. All ages.


Party Game Night at Raygun Lounge: Recap


Last Friday night’s inaugural Party Game Night at Raygun Lounge was a delight. Paul is suffering from mummy rot, but he still managed to drag his non-infectious carcass up the hill to hang out for a bit. Mary and I helped an enthusiastic high school kid named Braden with his AP Econ project, which is a lovely steampunk-ish card game called Top Hats & Monocles. It’s in the early stages still, but he’s got some neat mechanics and an interestingly dark take on the global economy. E.g.: Cards like “Underpaid workers,” which boost profits magnificently while making the players feel funny inside. A+, kid.

And then we closed out the night with a raucous, if not exactly bawdy, game of Slash with surprise celebrity guest Jonathan Tweet. I would have taken pictures, but I was afraid Paul’s image wouldn’t show up on my camera.