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I’m Kind of Excited About iZombie


10341999_240261379430973_8279923604760198415_nThe other night I saw a commercial for iZombie, a show that premiers on the CW next week, Tuesday, March 17. My boyfriend rolled his eyes but I immediately got excited: Liv is a half-zombie girl who sees the memories of the dead when she eats their brains and uses those visions to solve crimes. Hell yeah, I’m in! (How can you be half zombie? Who cares.)

That premise might sound familiar to some of you… iZombie is based on the comic of the same name by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred from DC’s Vertigo imprint. (It also might remind you of Chew.) I’m not personally familiar with the comic, although now I’m going to check it out.

What pushed it over the top for me is that the show is being helmed by Rob Thomas, creator of the beloved series Veronica Mars—he’s already proven his ability to make an excellent show about a kickass girl detective. (If you’re not familiar with Veronica Mars, Kristin Bell plays a high school student who helps her PI father solve crimes. Also, go watch it now.)

Between the creator and the CW’s track record with genre shows (Arrow, Flash, Supernatural) I’m optimistic, but let’s meet back here in a few weeks and compare notes.