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Episode 21 – Chuck


CHUCK "Chuck vs. Tom Sawyer"
“Is this a token I see before me?”

We’re trying something new (to us) this episode: One of us tries to sell the others on some beloved but underappreciated bit of nerd culture. This time, Mary schools Paul and Rob on Chuck, a NBC series that aired from 2007-12. Despite Rob’s skepticism and Paul’s amnesia, Mary’s enthusiasm won the day.



  • We stumbled on season length, but here you go: the first season was a short 13-episode run, while subsequent seasons were more typical at about 20 each.
  • We joked that Matt Bomer might show up on Arrow because he’s hot, but in fact he will star on the next season of American Horror Story because he’s hot.
  • Zachary Levi will be in Heroes Reborn, which leaves us with confused feelings all around.