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SJW Link Roundup


Some progressive nerd news and discussions from the past week:

10931594_10153551345353345_6791788542611331807_oRewriting The Future: Using Science Fiction to Re-envision Justice
More on Octavia’s Brood, the project we mentioned on our podcast a few weeks ago, by one of the editors, Walidah Imarisha:

We started the anthology with the belief that all organizing is science fiction. When we talk about a world without prisons; a world without police violence; a world where everyone has food, clothing, shelter, quality education; a world free of white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism, heterosexism; we are talking about a world that doesn’t currently exist. But collectively dreaming up one that does means we can begin building it into existence.

(via Nerds of Color)

Star Wars Adds First LGBTQ Character to the New Canon

Yub fucking nub: not only does Star Wars now have canonically female stormtroopers, but Paul Kemp’s upcoming book Lords of the Sith is also about to introduce the first official LGBTQ character to the new canon.

(via The Mary Sue)

Black developers speak out on stereotypes in gaming
Professor and game designer Derek Derek Manns and Dennis Mathews of Revelation Interactive Studios held a roundtable discussion at GDC 2015 (the Game Developers Conference) on how black characters are portrayed in games as well as stereotypes of black game developers and designers.

Mathews summed up the biggest reason why diversity is needed in one phrase: “People don’t know what they don’t know.” He explained that often developers who aren’t black don’t even realize when they’re drawing on stereotypes because they don’t have any black coworkers to call it out.

(via Polygon)

Doctor Who vs. the Bechdel Test
Sarah Barrett of The Mary Sue watched all 117 episodes of modern-day Doctor Who and analyzed how many times it passed the Bechdel test, and frankly we’re surprised it did so well. (Though things aren’t as good when you measure by people of color.)

(via The Mary Sue)


Episode 18 – Old Man’s War


<em>Old Man's War</em>
Old Man’s War

It’s the first-ever Nerdhole Book Club! Mary and Rob, ever in sync, found out they were each reading John Scalzi’s Old Man’s Way series at the same time (though Mary was and still is far ahead of Rob), so we grabbed the brass ring of synchronicity and casted a pod all about it.