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Episode 51 – Puzzle Quest


So many puzzles, so many quests...
So many puzzles, so many quests…

It’s a quest…for puzzles. Rob shares his passion for certain Puzzle Quest games and his disdain for others while Mary explores what doesn’t quite work about Adventure Time‘s foray into the genre.



Sense8 / Conversation Parade – Episode 37


Radical empathy, bro!
Radical empathy, bro!

It’s a Nerdhole media party! Rob powered through Sense8 on Netflix and, while his feelings are mixed, thinks it’s worth watching. Then Mary tells us all about Conversation Parade, a new, sweet-sounding podcast covering Adventure Time.


Rob had some more to say about Sense8 that didn’t make it into the podcast:

I can’t believe I yammered on about this show for nearly 20 minutes without mentioning all the sexy business it crams into its running time. It’s not exactly a wall-to-wall fleshscape, but when they go for it, they really go for it. The boy-boy action between Lito and Hernando is extra hawt – and also really interesting. There’s a lot going on here–for most of the season, Lito has a beard named Daniela who gets off watching the boys have fun. This seems to be a hat tip to the popularity of gay male porn among some straight (and not-so-straight) women, and she’s a bit better fleshed out than the other secondary characters. Mid-season, things get really weird when the blandly decent white guy sensate Will experiences Lito and Hernando having sex and also Nomi and her partner Amanita getting it on. While he’s at the gym. HOW IS THIS NOT CAMPY? I can’t tell you how, but they pulled it off.

And now we have to talk about the miracle of birth. Late in the season, the group collectively hits transcendence thanks to rapturous music and Riley’s drugged-up mind. That translates to what I’ve called the Crowning Parade, as each (or most) of them re-experience their birth and we watch one head after another poke out of their mothers as the music swells. HOW IS THIS NOT CAMPY?

For all its weaknesses, there’s nothing else quite like it and there probably never will be. It’s definitely worth watching, especially if you can find a way to overlook the poorly written dialogue. It looks pretty, the effects create an unsettling sense of true empathy, and it’s firmly committed to its own weirdness–and that’s worth rewarding.