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Party Game Night at Raygun Lounge: Recap


Last Friday night’s inaugural Party Game Night at Raygun Lounge was a delight. Paul is suffering from mummy rot, but he still managed to drag his non-infectious carcass up the hill to hang out for a bit. Mary and I helped an enthusiastic high school kid named Braden with his AP Econ project, which is a lovely steampunk-ish card game called Top Hats & Monocles. It’s in the early stages still, but he’s got some neat mechanics and an interestingly dark take on the global economy. E.g.: Cards like “Underpaid workers,” which boost profits magnificently while making the players feel funny inside. A+, kid.

And then we closed out the night with a raucous, if not exactly bawdy, game of Slash with surprise celebrity guest Jonathan Tweet. I would have taken pictures, but I was afraid Paul’s image wouldn’t show up on my camera.


Thanks, Gar!


Hey! We got the nicest message from a listener named Gar who offered to replace Mary’s little friend Ursula’s stolen comic from Free Comic Book Day. (Listen here if this mystifies you.) We tried contacting Gar to no avail–we think our attempts went down the SpamHole–but we wanted to give our thanks publicly. It’s heartwarming to remember that the good outweighs the bad inside nerddom.

(Oh, and Ursula had actually forgotten which comic had been taken, so she’s all good.)


Jurassic World: The enthusiasm is strong in this one.


If you’ve heard even one of our shows, you know Mary can get excited and expressive–so much so that it almost makes me wish that I, too, had a soul. Her delight and enthusiasm are infectious, as shown in this (lightly redacted) email she sent out to her pals regarding Jurassic World:

This happened!
Mary is the excitable one.

We will certainly set up a Nerdhole Night for this particular flick, though opening nights are often inconvenient for that sort of thing so it may be later in June or even July. Check our Facebook feed for info.

Here’s the link to the InGen chat she mentions.


Episode 29 – Free Comic Book Day Recap


G. WIllow WIlson FCBD signing
More like Squee Willow Wilson!

All three of us soaked up comic store culture on Free Comic Book Day. It was gratifying to see our favorite stores packed with fans, and even more so to see those fans buying non-free comics. Well done, everyone! If you missed out, maybe our adventures will inspire you to join us next year.

If you want more info on any of the stores or comics we talked about, you’ll find many of them here: “Everything You Need to Know about Free Comic Book Day in Seattle.” (We would have posted this last week, but Ultron defeated it in nerd urgency. Nergency?)



Episode 27 – Free Comic Book Day



Paul and Rob had the great good fortune of speaking with Paul Constant, formerly of The Stranger and currently of Lit Hub and Re/Code, about Free Comic Book Day, which is coming up this Saturday 5/2. Paul C is smart, funny, and perfectly charming; we look forward to bringing him back to the Hole some time soon.

In lieu of show notes, we’ll just direct you to our exhaustive guide to getting the most out of Free Comic Book Day in the Seattle area. Get out there this Saturday and pick up something great!


Everything You Need to Know about Free Comic Book Day in Seattle


Hip-Hop Family Tree
Pick it up this Saturday, May 2.

This week’s podcast (which drops Tuesday) is all about Free Comic Book Day, with special guest and comics lore-master Paul Constant—but we wanted to get our more expansive guide up so you can plan your day.

This year Free Comic Book Day is Saturday, May 2. It’s pretty simple, really: Just head on over to your favorite comics retailer and pick up one (or sometimes more, but try to stay cool) of the 50 different free titles on offer. Many shops will also have special deals, so be sure to linger and check out what else is on offer.

Quite a few local shops are participating. Many have sales and related events, and we dug up all we could find—but if you spot any omissions or have more details, please drop us a line at and let us know:

    • Subspace Comics: Up to 10 free comics, sale prices on merchandise, in-store appearances by Rat City Roller Girls (Throttle Rockets), signings 11am-2pm by Ryan Fisher (Torchlight Lullaby), Diana Greenhalgh (The Illegitimates), Matthew Southworth (Stumptown, Spider-Man).


    These are a few of the free comics available that we talk about on the podcast:

    • Avengers #1: “All-New, All-Different” means “Okay, we get it, you want more diversity in super-teams.” We’ll accept ham-fistedness in the service of doing what’s right, plus we’re suckers for anything involving Kamala Khan.
    • Bongo Comics Free-For-All!: Simpsons stories!
    • BOOM! Studios 10th Anniversary FCBD Special: On the podcast, Rob tried to do this one justice in Mary’s stead. It features stories from Adventure Time, Regular Show, Peanuts, Lumberjanes, Mouse Guard, and more.
    • Comics Festival: Canadian short story anthology.
    • Dark Horse Fight Club: Yes, that Fight Club. Chuck Pahlaniuk is writing and we’re intrigued. Back-up stories from The Goon and Guillermo del Toro’s The Strain.
    • DC Comics Divergence: Everything changes, again.
    • Hip-Hop Family Tree 3-in-1 featuring Cosplayers: Fantagraphics’ entry features pages from Ed Piskor’s terrific history of hip-hop plus a new cosplay story from Dash Shaw.
    • Secret Wars #0: Everything changes, again (Marvel version).


    There are many, many more–but not all are available at every participating store. Call ahead and get there early!

    That’s all we’ve got. What are your favorite comics shops and/or titles? Where will we see you on Saturday? Comments are open!

    (And before you go, make sure you check out Mark Hamill promoting FCBD. We think he’s imitating Patton Oswalt imitating Mark Hamill.)

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