Rob Lightner, Paul Hughes and Mary P. Traverse love nerd culture, and collectively we’ve written for The Stranger, Dragon, Amazing Stories,,, CNET, Xbox, Wizards of the Coast, Penny Arcade, and many other delightful corners of the nerdosphere. It turns out we can also speak our minds out loud, so we created Nerdhole to conquer a new sensory modality. Watch out, smell—we’re coming for you next.

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Paul Hughes

Paul entered the professional game world long ago, as the editor for first-edition RoboRally. From there, he went on to work on Magic: The Gathering magazine The Duelist (circa Antiquities to Ice Age). Lately, he’s racked up cheevos as a Contributing Editor for CNET and a blogger for Amazon and Seattle alt-weekly The Stranger. He’s written about games, gamer culture, cryptozoology, and other stuff for Amazing Stories, Xbox, Fantagraphics, and other places. He’s especially proud of leading the team that created the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co.

Mary P. Traverse

Mary has been a games journalist since 2009, specializing in nerd TV, mobile games, gamer politics, cosplay taxonomy, and World of Warcraft shame management. She has written about gaming, gamer culture, and dinosaurs for Seattle alt-weekly The Stranger and its blog the Slog, which has over 1M unique readers/month. Mary seems to always know why things are really happening.

Rob Lightner

Rob has written for Amazing Stories about games, comics, and fiction, and he’s dreamed up new ways to sell Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons in an increasingly addled and overwhelmed games market. (So he tries not to perform journalism on WotC when he can help it.) He’s an indefatigable character roller-upper, an O.G. playtester (including 3E and 4E, DM’d by Tweet and Heinsoo), and he helped launch the Stranger Testing Department in 2009.

Before we were Nerdhole, we were The Stranger Testing Department. We collectively wrote about all the same stuff for Seattle alt-weekly, The Stranger.