As always San Diego Comic Con was filled with trailers: some made me feel better about things I wasn’t sure about, some just whipped my excitement into a frenzy, and still others that… well… Anyway here’s a quick round-up of some of the trailers I watched:

Trailers That Made Me Go SQUEE
These trailers legitimately gave me goosebumps when I watched them.

American Gods

I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS. Of all the trailers this is the one that I lost my mind over, the one I keep watching over and over. The casting is spot-on, with every new announcement building my glee. The trailer looks like how the book feels which is exactly what you hope for in an adaptation. Look for an upcoming episode of Nerdhole where we’ll turn you onto the novel by Neil Gaiman so you can read it (or re-read it) before this show finally drops in 2017.

Luke Cage

HOLY CRAP. Based on what we’ve seen of Cage in Jessica Jones and what this trailer has to show, it’s going to be fantastic. And Mike Coulter… SWOON.

The Flash

Pretty much the only thing in the DCCU I’m actually passionate about, and this season is going to be full of time-travel and alternate timelines and some seriously awesome Cisco action so I can’t wait!


I can’t overstate my love for Andrew Scott’s Moriarty. I’ve watched his episodes of Sherlock over and over, sometimes just fast-forwarding to his parts. I have no idea if he’s really back or he’s an illusion or what’s happening, but if we’re getting more of Scott chewing all the scenery like a diminutive T-Rex then that’s all I care about.

Trailers That Made Me Go HUH
These trailers might have changed my mind

Wonder Woman

I’ve been so lukewarm on DC films that I haven’t bothered with most of them in awhile. But I’m willing to give Wonder Woman a shot… the story looks compelling enough, the action looks fantastic, and of course it’s the first of the modern-day superhero films to star a female superhero.

Justice League

Until this trailer I had no particular interest in seeing Justice League, but I gotta say it piqued my interest. And if I’m being honest it’s MOSTLY because Jason Mamoa looks AWESOME as Aquaman (and it’s nice to finally have an Aquaman that isn’t a joke). That being said I’m super bummed that Grant Gustin isn’t the Flash–I still think that’s a weird decision. But yeah, I’m in.

Doctor Strange

I wasn’t completely sold after the teaser that came out a few months ago and I still have my concerns but I do love Chiwetel Ejiofor and the whole thing looks pretty trippy. It’s a maybe, even for this Marvel completionist.

Trailers That Made Me Go YUP
I was going to watch these anyway

Arrow Oh Arrow sometimes you get so earnest but of course I’ll be watching, mostly to see Curtis become a superhero because I love that guy.

Defenders This is just a teaser of a teaser, but I still got pretty excited because Netflix and Marvel have seriously delivered with these characters so far.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Another teaser that tells us almost nothing, but they introduced Ghost Rider and that dude’s head is TOTALLY ON FIRE.

Iron Fist I have no personal attachment to this character, and the trailer did nothing to bring me in. But as I said I’m a Marvel completionist so yeah, I’m probably watching.

Lucifer This trailer spends half of its time recapping and half its time previewing, so if you’re curious about Lucifer it’s a good way to see if it’s your thing. But there’s nothing particularly new here and I was definitely going to watch anyway.

Trailers That Made Me Go NOPE
Just, why?

Kong: Skull Island I mean it’s got the internet’s boyfriend Tom Hiddleston in it, along with Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman, and our Captain Marvel Brie Larson. But that’s probably all it has going for it…

Blair Witch OK. The Blair Witch Project was a really specific phenomenon from a really specific time period. There was just enough internet to spread a rumor without enough internet to thoroughly spoil and debunk it. Hand-held, first-person photography seemed novel because we didn’t each have pocket movie studios in our phones yet. I really don’t know what a new Blair Witch film brings to the table except a rehash of every Paranormal Activity which were already rehashes of The Blair Witch Project

What were your favorite trailers of Comic Con? Let us know in the comments!