We don’t have to dive too deeply into Nerdhole’s extensive market research to assume that most of those reading this are into nerd culture and podcasts, and the rest of you are search engine spiders. So if you’ve got a little extra time in your week, you should check out A Podcast, For All Intents and Purposes. Hosted by “two co-dependent, overeducated nerds,” every show is smart and funny and charming. We occasionally host trivia nights at Raygun Lounge with Andrew, one of the APFAIAP boys, and it’s always good fun to watch him strike his trademark balance between bemused and curmudgeonly.

Andrew is an attorney, and their recent podcast on a legal struggle between Wizards of the Coast and their volunteer Magic: the Gathering tournament judges was fascinating and well explained*. We also enjoyed listening to their alternative take on Fallout 4 (Andrew is agnostic, while D. didn’t care for it so much). Lately they’ve been producing shorter episodes because Andrew has been dealing with a move, but they’re edging up on episode 100 and they’ve promised something special. We can’t wait!

* Rob pitched Andrew on a podcast focused entirely on geeky legal/policy issues. Turns out there already is one, but surely there’s room for more?