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BackHole: Episode 43 – Fall Nerd TV Roundup


19350-wabac_machine_teaserWe’re glitching out a little, so we decided to repost last fall’s look ahead at nerdy TV. Heroes Reborn dashed our hopes, and Rob’s inability to recall Harvey Bullock’s name is especially galling, given how interesting that character turned out to be on this season of Gotham. Overall, though, we think the last years TV season did okay by us nerds.

Please note that many of these shows are changing up their streaming arrangements in the near future, notably those in CW’s Arrowverse (which now includes Supergirl). The short version is that they likely will only be available on streaming after the end of the season, but pretty quickly thereafter. This is why we can’t have nice things. These links work for now.


  • Arrow (on Hulu) (on Netflix)
    Rob: This season felt pretty scattered and ended with a big dud of a twist. Wait, was it even a twist? As always, solid action and pretty faces kept us watching.

  • Fear the Walking Dead (on Hulu)
    Rob: I watched about 2/3 of the season and then stalled out. I will likely finish it up, but not even Ruben Blades’ intensity can fire me up.

  • The Flash (on Hulu) (on Netflix)
    Rob: This show may be the funnest thing on the air, even though they keep punishing their characters to maintain the minimum required grim-n-gritty for a modern superhero show. But the ending…well, we’ll see how Season 3 treats the “Flashpoint” time-travel business the writers stirred up.

  • Gotham (on Hulu) (on Netflix)
    Rob: It felt like Gotham had lost its way for a while, but this season was full of good fun and creepy action. Terrific casting, like BD Wong as Hugo Strange and Paul Reubens as Penguin’s dad, helped a lot, as did the last-minute reintroduction of the terrific Fish Mooney. The more they lay off of Bruce Wayne, the better.

  • Heroes Reborn (on Hulu)
    Rob: Oof. Sorry.

  • iZombie (on Hulu) (on Netflix)
  • Sleepy Hollow (on Hulu)
    Rob: Some good parts, but the show has lost its way. And again with the stupid season-ending twist! Knock it off, writers. I may hatewatch the next season, though.

  • Supergirl
    Rob: They’re officially adding her to the Arrowverse, which should strengthen the show in some good ways. Plus, it’s great to see a show where the central characters are nearly all women.

  • Supernatural (on Hulu) (on Netflix)
  • The Walking Dead (on Netflix)
    Rob: It feels like watching kids torturing insects, but I keep watching.

  • Our Apologies 2015 episode, in which we try to make dull the pain caused by some of our dumber opinions–including some from this very episode!



There’s no UI in the word “team”


Never Fail

It’s been almost a year since we discussed the digital card game Solforge on the podcast, and I haven’t ragequit once. If anything, I’ve stepped up my playtime, including a couple of ongoing async games with friends and a fair number of real-time tournaments or random matches. It’s fun!

But we need to talk about UI. Solforge recently released its shiny new client, and while there are a few things to love about it, they made some elementary interface mistakes that are shocking to see in a pro-quality game in 2016. Wasted space, confusing layout, and poorly displayed information caused one game designer pal to call it a “sobering UI nightmare.” This Reddit post lays out the problems in detail–it’s not just the standard resistance to change that we all know and hate.

But it’s not all bad! I like the new card design, and some of the other new elements are pretty sweet as well–but they’re drowning in a sea of bad choices (which is also the title of my forthcoming memoir). They’re working on it, but it’s hard to see how they can fix some of the issues without a major overhaul.

Game designers, I’m talking to you now: Take your interface seriously from day one. Your revolutionary mechanics, eye-popping art, and delightful storytelling will all die lonely deaths if your players run into any obstacles at all. It’s hard work, and it may carve out more of your time and cash on hand than you’d like, but it should be an uncuttable corner. Solforge will survive and may even improve as a result, but it has a sizable player base and additional support to keep it going through this rough patch. New games don’t have that luxury.


Episode 64 – Fallout 4 DLC


Building advanced robots, but still wearing the Vault Suit.
Building advanced robots, but still wearing the Vault Suit.

The first round of DLC is out for Fallout 4, and we’re as happy as ever to gab about our favorite game (well, our collective favorite, anyway). Players have tons of new settlement options plus a mid-length story that brings robots front and center and a longer story set in a new, spoooooky location. The very latest DLC (Contraptions Workshop) just came out a few days ago, and we’ll likely report on that later in the summer after the rest of the content drops.


An Endorsement, For All Intents and Purposes


We don’t have to dive too deeply into Nerdhole’s extensive market research to assume that most of those reading this are into nerd culture and podcasts, and the rest of you are search engine spiders. So if you’ve got a little extra time in your week, you should check out A Podcast, For All Intents and Purposes. Hosted by “two co-dependent, overeducated nerds,” every show is smart and funny and charming. We occasionally host trivia nights at Raygun Lounge with Andrew, one of the APFAIAP boys, and it’s always good fun to watch him strike his trademark balance between bemused and curmudgeonly.

Andrew is an attorney, and their recent podcast on a legal struggle between Wizards of the Coast and their volunteer Magic: the Gathering tournament judges was fascinating and well explained*. We also enjoyed listening to their alternative take on Fallout 4 (Andrew is agnostic, while D. didn’t care for it so much). Lately they’ve been producing shorter episodes because Andrew has been dealing with a move, but they’re edging up on episode 100 and they’ve promised something special. We can’t wait!

* Rob pitched Andrew on a podcast focused entirely on geeky legal/policy issues. Turns out there already is one, but surely there’s room for more?


Robots Ate My Lunch



This week’s podcast (coming soon!) is all about our return to the world of Fallout 4 now that the DLC is live and available on consoles. But first, a tale of hubris that took place after we recorded:

I was feeling pretty smug, as I often do. This time it was because I had breezed through the end game with a ton of Luck perks and a tricked-out Gauss rifle, one-shotting fools on all sides and loving the hell out of VATS. I would have bumped the difficulty up a notch or two from Normal, but I wanted to get to the end a little faster.

And I did! And there’s neat stuff when you get there, at least in the Railroad-aligned finish. But then I started to check out the Automatron DLC, and, well, my lunch got eaten. By robots.

I stumbled into a one-sided firefight between a bunch of junky-looking robots and some wasteland folk and thought I’d save the day as usual, ho hum, shut up Preston. After murdering hundreds of Institute synths, these rusty jokers would make easy kills. I popped one with a quick VATS sneak attack and then took some time to check out the rest of the opposition. While scanning, I was quickly surrounded by my kill’s grieving friends, and before I even thought to look at my health bar, I’d been pounded into a slo-mo death animation.

Invigorating! I managed to take them out the second time with the help of some chems and a deeper investment in self-preservation, and I’ve found every battle since then to be challenging and life-affirming. I even had to drag a power armor out of storage for one battle, breaking my looooong chain of Silver Shroud cosplay.

And so I recalibrate my expectations and ponder cranking up the difficulty in search of punchier adrenaline squirts. Maybe a quick, smooth ride to the end isn’t what it’s all about. Maybe I need to wander through my settlements and build them up from the sleeping-bag-infested work camps I threw together in my rush to read the last page. Maybe death really does make us appreciate life more.