Dogshit Express
Boring shit, awesome shit, shitty shit

We originally called this episode “Dogshit Express,” but we decided to sacrifice punch for clarity. If you know us at all, you know that we have complicated feelings about quality when it comes to our genre entertainment. E.g., Mary loves what she calls “shitty vampire things,” but that doesn’t keep her from loving less shitty or even shit-free diversions.

UPDATE: See LINKS for Al-Anon info.

Sometimes, though, a movie or show can transcend its shittiness and turn into something wonderful. Rob makes the case that the godawful FOX show Lucifer (elevator pitch: “She’s a cop! I’m the devil! We solve crimes!”) does just that. We contrast that with the inexcusable Heroes Reborn and that limp shrug with a special effects budget, The Shannara Chronicles. You may want to wipe your shoes after listening.