Welcome back, Carter.
Welcome back, Carter.

Agent Carter is back! We gab about her new LA adventures–what we love, what we almost love, and what we love a lot. While we loosely discuss the plot, this episode is spoiler-free.


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  • We got curious about ratings mid-chat, and it turns out that while AC mapped pretty closely to Agents of SHIELD‘s numbers last year, it’s lagging quite a bit this year. Add that to Hayley Atwell’s new gig and we’re pessimistic about the chances of a season 3. Prove us wrong, Marvel and ABC!
  • You know we’re all huge Fallout 4 fans, so when AC chose “Pistol Packin’ Mama” to highlight the awesomeness of Team Peggy as they started out on their heist, we lost our shit. Unfortunately, we can’t find a decent clip. Check it out midway through episode 6!