Who you calling “bro?”

Mary shares her abiding affection for the long-running Supernatural. Expect a return performance when we finally get around to discussing problematic loves, but it’s still totally binge-worthy and a perfectly acceptable way to fill time before Jessica Jones drops.


  • Supernatural site (some streaming)
  • Supernatural on Netflix
  • Supernatural on Hulu
  • The actor whose name we (shamefully) could not recall: Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Dude’s been in everything, what’s wrong with us? Oh, and he’ll be on TWD next year…
  • Want to know who else has been on the show? Turns out it’s a pretty extensive list.
  • And of course they’ve got a fridging problem.
  • You know, we talk about “fridging” a lot, but only rarely, if ever, define it. Here’s one take. (tl;dr: Killing off a beloved but usually secondary character to provide motivation. Often involves icky gender politics.)