Last Friday night’s inaugural Party Game Night at Raygun Lounge was a delight. Paul is suffering from mummy rot, but he still managed to drag his non-infectious carcass up the hill to hang out for a bit. Mary and I helped an enthusiastic high school kid named Braden with his AP Econ project, which is a lovely steampunk-ish card game called Top Hats & Monocles. It’s in the early stages still, but he’s got some neat mechanics and an interestingly dark take on the global economy. E.g.: Cards like “Underpaid workers,” which boost profits magnificently while making the players feel funny inside. A+, kid.

And then we closed out the night with a raucous, if not exactly bawdy, game of Slash with surprise celebrity guest Jonathan Tweet. I would have taken pictures, but I was afraid Paul’s image wouldn’t show up on my camera.