This Squirrel Girl is unbeatable.
This Squirrel Girl is unbeatable.

So The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1 dropped a week ago, and I’m torn. I love the character, though she hasn’t been used by Marvel’s writers as much more than comic support. I know, I know, that’s why the character was created, but you can’t give us a mutant with silly powers, tell us she kicked Thanos’ ass (and many other high-powered asses as well), and then just kind of shuffle her off to the Great Lakes Avengers. So I’m wildly enthusiastic about this new title, but I can’t decide how to acquire it. Help me out!

  • Use Marvel Unlimited. Pro: I’m a subscriber, so I’ll get access to this title. Con: …eventually. Can I wait six months or however long it takes?
  • Buy a digital issue. Pro: I can read it on my Nexus RIGHT NOW. Con: I’ll have to spend four bucks per month for something I’ll get for free…eventually.
  • Buy a print issue. Pro: I can read it right away while supporting my local comics shop. Con: I have a deep fear of acquiring too many single-issue comics (too many <= 10). Thanks a lot, college library job!
  • Pirate a digital copy. Pro: I can’t think about the pro side, because Con: I’m not stealing from Squirrel Girl! I mean, sure, fuck Marvel and all other greedy corps, but not even my level-20 powers of rationalization can help me out here. It’s Squirrel Girl!

Yes, this is literally the dumbest problem any first-world jackass has ever faced, but I’d still like to hear what you all do with new comics. My old go-to has been to wait for print collections, but I’d like to embrace new tech if it’ll work for me. Let me know what works for you!