Rat Queens Vol. 1I’m not gonna lie: I love being a late adopter. When I started watching Supernatural in its 8th season I had hours and hours of binging ahead of me before I was forced to wait for new episodes. So while I’m thrilled that Rob turned me on to Rat Queens, I’m also a little bummed it’s a fairly new series because I WANT MORE NOW. The first issue was released in September of 2013, with issue #9 due out at the end of February of this year. THAT’S LESS THAN TEN ISSUES. Which is not enough issues.

So, why am I obsessed with Rat Queens? First, it’s a hilarious chronicle of the exploits of four drunken, rowdy, badass adventurers. Second, the artwork is gorgeous. But most importantly I immediately fell in love with all of the leading ladies: Hannah, the elven mage with fantastic hair; Dee, a human cleric who’s left her religion behind her; Violet, a dwarven warrior who’s shaved her beard; and Betty, a smidgen thief who loves drugs and candy. THEY ARE SO MUCH FUN. They’re heroes-for-hire but their wake of destruction includes plenty of bar brawls as well. I saw someone describe it as “Lord of the Rings meets Sex In The City” but since I haaaaaaate Sex In The City I reject that description. Just imagine your favorite scoundrels and rogues in a raunchy Middle Earth, and also they happen to be female. Which isn’t to minimize the importance of their gender, it’s just that they’re allowed to be human(oid) instead of being sex objects or drama-obsessed shoe trees. Anyway, I dig this series hard, I’m probably going to build a costume around it, and you all should definitely read it. Also, thank you, Rob, for giving me one more thing I have to wait around for installments of.