gotham-poster-7The nerds enthuse over Gotham, the gritty, pre-Batman cops-and-gangsters show featuring a badass Alfred and some unfortunate Bechdel problems.

Regular listeners know that Rob always has to get something big wrong every episode, and this time it was his insane misidentification of Liza as the future Poison Ivy. He thinks maybe he misheard her name and decided that the little girl Ivy from the pilot grew up really fast…or something. Anyway, he regrets his error and thanks Mary for her firm but polite correction.

Speaking of imperfect memories, in Mary’s head lives a more perfect version of Penguin’s parents from Batman Returns. She correctly remembered Paul Reubens playing the father, but Tim Burton sadly overlooked Carol Kane in favor of Diane Salinger, whom some of you might remember as Simone from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure.

Rob kept coming back to Clock King as the exemplar of silly Silver Age Batman villains. Weirdly, the week after recording this, Clock King showed up (pretty effectively, we think) on The Flash. All hail Clock King!

None of us understands the fetishistic need to linger over Martha Wayne’s pearl necklace as it disgorges its contents onto the filthy cobblestones of Crime Alley. It’s Freud! It’s class warfare! It’s a sobering, multi-threaded, multi-artist exploration of PTSD! It’s lazy symbolism! It’s whatever you want it to be! (Though we hasten to add that while Gotham’s angle on the Wayne’s murders has been poked at a few times before in various comics, it’s arguably a fresh take on the screen.)

Here’s the site Paul used to watch the pilot. You may be able to find other means if you have access to a Google.