TwoDots_001Two Dots‘ gameplay is pretty straightforward: connect two dots horizontally or vertically to collect them. Each level provides a goal (20 red and 20 yellow dots in 33 moves, for example) which you complete using this method. You can collect as many dots of the same color in a row, or if you create a square with your path it will collect all the dots of the same color from the board. It’s a basic, fun time-waster to occupy yourself in line at the bank or on the bus.

The real draws of Two Dots are the adorable graphics and subtle color palette which feel fairly unique in the world of mobile gaming. Perhaps they’re a bit twee or hipster for some folks, but for me they’re a welcome change from clashing colors and over-the-top wacky characters popular in say, Candy Crush. (I’m sorry, Candy Crush, I know I pick on you, but your graphics are just ugly.) Two Dots is currently available on iOS. The developers are working on an Android version, and you can sign up to be notified when it’s available. Below you can see a gallery of screenshots.