One of the monsters of the week on Sleepy Hollow, the Sandman.
One of the monsters of the week on Sleepy Hollow, the Sandman.
In this episode, Mary and Rob continue trying to convince Paul (apparently mostly successfully!) that he needs to be watching Sleepy Hollow on Fox.

We’ve got tons of notes on this one, but let’s start with an apology for Rob’s extremely confident display of ignorance midway through the show. Yes, John Noble was in Lord of the Rings, but Mary was right—he played Denethor, not Theoden. Once again, Rob’s nerd cred lies in tatters. No doubt the cycle of swinging from epic highs to lowly lows will continue long into his senescence.

Mary mentioned a collection of delightful Orlando Jones internet moments. Yeah, it’s Buzzfeed, but you should bite the bullet because Mr. Jones will warm the cockles of your heart. THE COCKLES! Also, here’s that great Orlando Jones scene from Office Space that Paul was talking about.

For those interested in Fonthole, here’s the official link for Mason, which we believe is found in Sleepy Hollow’s eeeeee-vil subtitles, and here’s Copperplate, in case you were wondering. And here’s where you can find the Vertigo Tarot Deck Mary was talking about (as she says, “it’s not only one of the first places I saw Mason used commercially, but it was written by Neil Gaiman, illustrated by Dave McKean, and published by Vertigo Comics”).

Thanks to Friend of the Hole Rob Dalton for loaning us his mike to record this episode; sound quality has improved, so we’re going to spend a few credits to level up our tech.

Thanks also to Patron of the Hole Anton Alferness! Not only did he whip up our opening and closing music, he sweetens, edits, and masters each episode without asking for so much as a punch in the nose. We are forever in his debt.