13th Age in Glorantha squareRob and Paul interview game designer (and old friend) Rob Heinsoo about his delightful tabletop RPG 13th Age and his Kickstarter drive to create a Glorantha expansion (that’s RuneQuest’s setting for those playing Grognard Bingo).

Spoiler alert: He’s funded. Super-secret spoiler alert: You can still get in on the action until 10/13/14.

We’re hoping to get Mr. Heinsoo’s game design partner Jonathan Tweet on Nerdhole soon, preferably for an Oxford-style debate on who came up with the idea for the Escalation Die. Tune in!

Audio note/apology: Because of geomantic interference from Rob Heinsoo’s lair, the audio in this episode has a few strange artifacts and other netherworldly manifestations.