If you’re new to World of Warcraft, or returning after a long hiatus, it’s a really great time to get in to it. The game is better than ever with more advanced tech and art. Plus when you pre-order the expansion, Warlords of Draenor (coming November 13), you get an automatic boost to level 90 for either a new or existing character which means you can skip the daunting slog of leveling and jump directly into the new content.

If you’re already a player, you’ve probably been keeping up with the minutia of the expansion, so I won’t go into detail here. And anyway I’m not sure how much I was able to learn in playing 10 minutes of demo that I hadn’t already seen in YouTube videos of the beta. I made a toon, started building a garrison, and killed a few beasties, but it’s hard to get a real feel of storyline and gameplay in such a short burst. (Plus without my addons and key mapping I was stumbling a bit.) Still, it was pretty cool and I’m even more charged for the release.