Assassin's Creed booth at PAX Prime 2014

I didn’t realize ’til we watched the exclusive trailer here at PAX that Assassin’s Creed has TWO games coming out. “Unity,” which has been discussed all over the place (including here on Nerdhole) is for the next-gen consoles, but “Rogue” is for the Xbox 360 and PS3. Neither the PAX presentation nor some quick Googling explain why they’re being released this way, so I’m not sure what that’s about.

“Rogue ” is the story of an Assassin who begins to hunt others in the brotherhood. It appears to be more in line with traditional AC gameplay, with the return of naval battles as in AC “Black Flag.” According to a Q&A on Twitter  you can play the two games in any order and it won’t affect your understanding of the overarching AC storyline. Check out the “Rogue” gameplay trailers here and here.

The AC booth also had a sweet collection of costumes from the series along with the opportunity to snap a photo of your favorite one and tweet it for the chance to win some swag.