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PAX Indie Megabooth Manifestation of Awesomeness: The Magic Circle


So Rob and I risked sounding stupid by asking if the sketchy, cel-shady art in this game was placeholder (we hoped not) or for reals. It is for reals in the best way: you’re trapped in a “legendary vaporware game” and you’re watching as the game’s developers (the gods, basically) edit the game while you’re playing it. The (of course) meta gameplay has you discovering the dev tools behind the game and using them to try to survive and, presumably, punch your way out Tron-style. E.g., if you’re attacked by a creature, you can edit it to make it your friend or even take its abilities.

You learn more of the narrative as you explore, solve puzzles, and overhear the developers–foul-mouthed virtual eyeballs who float in and out of scenes. Very funny, very smart, very meta. LOVE. The self-funded team is ex-Irrational/Bioshock folks (including the CD for Bioshock 2) and they’re making something great. Watch a rough cut of the game play:

FYI: it will be on Steam initially but not early access, since the burden of explaining an incomplete incomplete game is too much to bear.


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